Irish fishermen's organisations opposed to new proposed fishing limits by the European Economic Community.

Irish fishermen who with their British counterparts have argued for a fifty mile fishing limit are heartened that the government has rejected a twelve mile limit for Irish waters proposed by the EEC.

Fishermen are preparing themselves for militant action, says Joseph Murrin, chairman of the Irish Fishermen’s Organisation (IFO) and have been in contact with the Icelandic coastguard with regards to

Finding means and ways of harassing foreign trawlers if they come into our waters.

They also believe that Ireland need to take a hard stance on this issue, and support use of the veto by Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Garret Fitzgerald at the EEC Council of Ministers.

John Murrin believes current proposals as they stand would mean disaster for the Irish fishing industry. A fifty mile limit is the only acceptable solution for Irish fishermen,

We'll be satisfied for nothing else, and we're sticking out for that.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 September 1976. The reporter is John Howard.