The delights of the Ten Knights of Desmond Festival in Newcastle West.

The Ten Knights of Desmond festival is an occasion when the people of Newcastle West in County Limerick hark back to the days when knights were bold. This is the eleventh year for the event which has become a successful part of the summer calendar of festivals.

The Knights of Desmond festival is not an excuse for dancing, drinking and other traditional entertainments although all of them are actively pursued.

The festival opens with a grand parade through the town featuring a pig carcass, a pageant and the Knights and Ladies Pipe Band. The parade leads to the duck pond, or bird sanctuary and this year, the ducks are the beneficiaries of the festival.

Public Relations Officer for the festival Kathleen Moore praises the efforts of all the local people who took part in the parade.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Lady of Desmond Competition which this year has 17 contestants.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 July 1986. The reporter is Michael Walsh.