If the drugs problem is to be addressed urgent action is required at a national level.

While the effects of drugs are felt throughout the country, nowhere is more acutely affected than Dublin.

A drugs problem that affects almost every corner of Ireland.

The debate about law and order has been between the experts, police, social workers and other professionals. Fergus McCabe of the City Wide Drugs Campaign says that while everyone is aware of the drugs problem, successive governments have done little to address the issue. His campaign has written to every TD and Senator demanding action on the key priorities which include prevention, treatment and education measures alongside law enforcement.

The extent of the resources, the extent of the thought put into prevention and treatment is what is needed.

Fergus McCabe points out that £60 million is being spent on building prisons while only £10 million is being spent on treatment. He believes that there are many social issues such as employment, which need to be to the forefront of the drugs crisis.

This episode of 'Davis' was broadcast on 24 July 1996. The presenter is Derek Davis.

'Davis’ is a late night discussion programme on serious issues affecting Irish society. The format involved a panel of people with differing views on one subject alongside contributions from the audience. The first episode was broadcast on 14 September 1994.