Purified oxygen is being sold at a new bar in the BT2 department store in Dublin.

Purified oxygen is the latest product to hit the shelves. At BT2 in Dublin, three pounds will get you ten minutes at the Oxygen Bar.

Posh Spice swears by it. Britney too is a fan.

The system works by taking air, which contains 21 per cent oxygen, filtering out impurities through molecular sieve beds and pumping out 40 per cent pure filtered oxygen. The user gets double the oxygen of normal sea level air.

According to Lisa Brown, BT2 Store Manager, the filtered oxygen invigorates and energises you and helps to overcome headaches, hangovers and stress.

Retail therapy in a world gone mad or the latest designer fashion fad?

One customer tries it out and says he feels refreshed after it. However, experts like respiratory physician Dr Paul Kelly say it is a load of hot air. It is likely to have a placebo effect for some he describes it as "a harmless bit of fun".

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 July 2001. The reporter is Sharon Ní Bheoláin.