Roundstone locals determined to stop the removal of sand from Dog's Bay Beach by an Italian company.

Dog's Bay Beach at Roundstone, Connemara in County Galway is one of the most famous in the west of Ireland. The Department of the Marine has granted a licence to Enel, an Italian energy company to take 30 tons of sand from the beach for the purpose of scientific research.

Local people reacted with such fury that the attempt by hauliers to remove the sand was abandoned. The licence has since expired, however it is feared another will be issued.

Joe Rafferty of the Dog’s Bay Protection Group is determined the sand will not be removed. If it is taken to Dublin Airport, a picket will be placed there immediately.

Given the serious threat Dog’s Bay faces from coastal erosion, Peggy Ward is astounded the Department of the Marine would sanction the removal of sand from the beach. Particularly as there has been intensive planting of marram grass to stem coastal erosion.

Michael John Ferron of Roundstone Community Development Council is concerned about how the removal of sand would affect tourism in the area. Caravan park owner Pat Mullen is convinced it would have a detrimental effect on his business.

That’s my livelihood and I am determined, there’s no sand going to leave here.

Joe Rafferty adds when the Italians offered to buy the sand,

We said we’d do a trade with them, if they give us the stones of The Colosseum for our pier, we’ll give them the sand.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 June 1991. The reporter is Jim Fahy.