At the Ballymun Community Centre a group of dedicated bellydancers meet to combine exercise and movement to music.

Anyone who wandered into the Ballymun Community Centre on a Tuesday morning might come across a group of women shimmying, twisting and doing figures of eight in time to exotic-sounding music. They are not rehearsing for a stage musical, or taking part in some mysterious ritual, but as Gay Byrne puts it,

They're actually just doing this for the fun of it.

Led by Californian-born dance teacher and professional bellydancer Jane McCarthy, it is clear that this dance class is thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated,

Bellydancing is a very good way of expressing's great movement, and you feel good doing it.

I showed my husband the basic routine the other day, and he thought it was fantastic. I didn't have my gear on. I just showed it to him in the kitchen.

A lot of people are very interested in it because it's a really exotic new thing.

I don't think it's vulgar...I just think it's very sensual, very graceful, if you're doing it right.

This report for The Late Late Show was broadcast on 2 May 1986. The presenter is Gay Byrne.