The Servants of Love, a religious community of men and women has settled in County Galway.

In Roundstone County Galway an unconventional Catholic order of lay people lead an austere and prayer filled life.

This community known as the Servants of Love, formerly called Mary's Followers of the Cross wear cassocks and follow a semi-monastic lifestyle, with work, communal prayer and meals at specified times during the day. Although they are seeking recognition from the Catholic Church, members say that many Catholic theologians approve of their frugal prayerful lives.

Their leader Kevin Jacobsen, a Danish-born former motor mechanic who was a member of the Legion of Mary in Dublin in the 1970s wanted to found a new religious community for both men and women and moved to the west of Ireland with fifteen followers.

Having initially made their living from fishing and farming, the Servants of Love preached on the streets of towns and cities. Having added steel fabrication to their work, the group's most recent endeavour is in the area of video production. Kevin Jacobsen hopes that this will help to reach a much wider audience.

Having a message, having something we have discovered, we would like to share with others.

A copy of one of their films has been sent to the Vatican in an attempt to speed up their recognition as a religious order but have had no response to date.

A lot of our ideas, you could say that they are sailing close to the wind.

It is their unorthodox approach to celibate sexuality that is likely to create difficulties between themselves and the Catholic Church. Special friendships are encouraged, but as Seamus Byrne and Margaret Doyle explain, by practising self-discipline sexuality can be controlled and men and women are free to be in relationships with each other.

In defence of this rather controversial aspect of their lifestyle, Kevin Jacobsen who is married with five children believes that it is it is more about freedom and morality,

A gradual process of discipline of learning to discipline and master yourself in relating to expressing your affection for somebody else.

The group admits to being rather nervous about trying to explain their philosophy in a short news report, as they feel it will almost certainly be misunderstood.

It will be through their films alone that people will gain a better understanding of what they're trying to achieve.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 May 1986. The reporter is Jim Fahy.