The life of a trainee jockey at Rathbride Stables on the Curragh in Kildare.

Nineteen year old Peter Walsh from Rathcoole County Dublin is an apprentice jockey at Rathbride Stables at the Curragh of Kildare.  

If you want to be a jockey you also need to be an early riser, as the working day starts as early as 6am during the summertime, and 7am in the winter.  

Mucking out the four horses in his care is the first task on Peter Walsh's list. Then he and his fellow apprentice jockeys begin at daybreak to ride out the first set of horses. 

Trainer at Rathbride Stables is Michael O'Brien, himself a champion jockey in the United States in the early seventies. Following an accident which left him paralysed, he returned home to Ireland to train horses on the Curragh. 

Peter Walsh has been interested in horses from a young age. Prior to Rathbride he worked at a showjumping stables, but it was his uncle who encouraged him to move to race horses.  

I used to watch a lot of racing on television, and I just liked the racing, you know.

He plans to remain at Rathbride for the foreseeable future, 

You're getting the right opportunities and races.

This report for 'Anything Goes' was broadcast on 28 March 1981. The reporter is Noeleen Halligan.