Truck drivers who want East Link Bridge toll abolished stage protest in Dublin.

The hauliers were protesting over the imposition of a toll on the bridge and promised further action if the Department of Transport does not address their concerns.

The trucks drove in convoys on both sides of the East Link Toll Bridge. The drivers say they want the toll to be abolished.

One truck driver, who crosses the bridge a number of times every day, describes the toll as "a big money racket".

Dublin City Council says that they will review the toll when the Port Tunnel opens later this year. However, for the hauliers, that is just too late.

Jimmy Quinn of the Irish Road Haulage Association says that they were given assurances that the toll would be reviewed but it has not happened.

As the protest continues, commuters battle to get to work in the heavy traffic leading to frustration amongst motorists.

The Road Haulage Association says that this is just a token protest and it could have caused much further disruption.

Many of its members wanted to park outside the Dáil for the day.

The association says that it wants to find a resolution with the Department of Transport who say it is a matter for Dublin City Council at present.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 April 2006. The reporter is Orla O’Donnell.