A new traffic system for Dublin south inner city starts but not all motorists are happy with the changes.

Fewer vehicles than usual in the city centre contributed to the success on the first day of the new traffic plan for Dublin’s south inner city. An Garda Síochána were out in force to ensure private cars followed the new routes.

The new traffic changes make it more difficult for motorists to make their way around the city centre. A key change is the banning of private cars travelling northwards from turning left on Dawson Street and from turning right on George’s Street. 

One motorist found the morning traffic moved well. However she fears the new system will cause gridlock at Lincoln Place during the evening rush hour,

It’s going to be a nightmare.

Another motorist normally travels down Georges’s Street and turns right. He must now turn left and then travel along the quays. This will add 20 minutes to his journey time.

Under the changes only motorbikes, cyclists, taxis, buses and goods vehicles will be allowed on certain routes. Dublin Corporation director of traffic Owen Keegan explains,

There’s no point having a good Quality Bus Corridor and stopping short of where people want to go.

Cyril McHugh of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.believes it is impractical to expect motorists to give up their cars when the infrastructure, roads and public transport are inadequate.

We have to be realistic about the types of changes you can make.

Green Party transport spokesperson Eamon Ryan would like to see the introduction of road pricing where the less motorists use their cars, the more they pay.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 April 2001. The reporter is Anne-Marie Green.