Calls for replacement of dangerous chimneys on the Cranmore Estate in Sligo.

There have been requests in Sligo town for a public inquiry into what is known locally as the 'Cranmore Chimney Saga'. After 15 years, Sligo Corporation says it will replace chimneys that residents claim are dangerous.

Over a hundred houses were built by the National Building Agency in phase two of the Cranmore Estate. The houses were built without chimneys which were added later under a ministerial directive. Residents now say that these chimneys are faulty.

The houses were built without chimneys.

Resident Margaret Lynch says that since moving in she has had about 15 chimney fires and that smoke leaks into every room in her house.  Residents was never warned about the faulty chimney prior to moving in.

Sligo Corporation is now anxious to get on with fixing the issue as soon as it gets the go ahead from residents. As part of the agreement, residents must sign a disclaimer saying that they will take no legal action against the authority in relation to the existing chimneys.

Chairman of the Residents’ Association Seán Cleary claims that many people saw this letter as a threat.

You sign this letter or you won’t get your chimney done.

The minister claims that the authority must be protected when spending such large sums of money. However, for those who bought their own houses on the estate, they must contribute half the cost of the new chimney amounting to £1,500.  Councillor Declan Bree has called for a public inquiry into the chimney saga and requested that all residents, whether they are owners or tenants are treated equally.

Tenants say they want new chimneys at no cost and with no strings attached.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 February 1991. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.