Liam Murray explains the basics of making wine at home with a range of ingredients.

Liam Murray has been making his own wine at home ever since he came into possession of a commercial wine making kit. The process is a straightforward one all that is required is a bottle, a can of grape concentrate, water, sugar and a simple set of instructions, 

It's a natural process, you just put the ingredients together and they do the work.

Almost anything can be used to make wine Liam Murray believes. Berries and grapes are a popular choice, but he has also experimented with sugar beet. Fermentation takes six weeks, after which time the wine can be siphoned off and bottled. The sugar beet wine needs a little while longer to mature, but wine made from fresh elderberries foraged from a hedgerow can be consumed immediately. If the wine is bottled and stored properly it will keep for up to six years. 

Homebrew wine is of course a cost effective way of creating one's own supply of alcoholic beverages. Liam Murray estimates that £2 yielded fifteen bottles of wine for Christmas, and is particularly pleased with his batch of sugar beet wine, 

That's a great wine for a winter night.

This report for 'Ireland's Eye’ was broadcast on 23 January 1981. The reporter is Frank Hall