The number of palmists and fortune tellers is a sign of an increased interest in otherworldly phenomena.

TV GAGA takes a look at astrology and the hidden world of the occult.

Astrology is but one detail in the much broader canvas of what we sometimes call the occult.

At Mary Street Shopping Arcade in Dublin, TV GAGA's Liam Mackey and Barbara Lee meet Kathleen Connors and Margaret Murphy who talk about the work of a professional fortune teller. They also speak to some customers. One young woman who is a frequent visitor says,

The cards never lie.

Another woman was surprised that the fortune teller could tell her so much about her past and present.

Barbara and Liam also meet some experts in the field and examine the complexities of the occult.

Gloria Hamilton of the Alchemist's Head, a shop specialising in the occult and science fiction, explains the meaning behind the various tarot cards and dismisses the myths surrounding the dreaded 'death card'.

Maitland Wolf, an Occultist, explains the meaning behind the 'occult' and popular perceptions of the subject.

The word occult means hidden.

He takes a scientific approach, saying that everything happens in a sequence of cause and effect.

Magic is in the air in a north Dublin flat where members of a pagan group 'The Order of the Golden Morn’ gather for their fortnightly ritual on the night of the full moon. Liam and Barbara join the group to get an insight into their beliefs and rituals.

This episode of TV GAGA was broadcast on 30 January 1986. The presenters are  Liam Mackey and Barbara Lee.