Domestic waste, household goods and abandoned vehicles among the items dumped illegally in Galway.

County Galway has one of the best records in the country when it comes to waste recycling. However, even there, illegal dumping has not been stamped out. Just three miles north of the city farmers say fly by night dumping is continuing and has intensified in the post Christmas period.

Fly tippers have ignored the warning signs and continue to dump household waste at the side of one of the country's main roads near Galway city.

Local farmers say the situation is absolutely intolerable but nobody seems to be able to stop it.

Farmers in the area have put up five gates alongside roads to prevent dumping. However, illegal dumping continues outside the gates.

It is not just household waste that is being dumped. Burnt out cars and abandoned vehicles also line the road. All of these items have been abandoned in an area of outstanding scenic beauty.

Galway County Council has now launched an investigation into the illegal dumping. A spokesperson for the council said that 335 on the spot fines were issued to people for illegal dumping at various locations throughout county Galway in the last year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 January 2006. The reporter is Jim Fahy.