The residents of Pound Road in Castleisland are living in primitive housing conditions.

Kerry County Councillor and Chairman of the Housing Committee Michael Long has strong views about the appalling housing conditions in Pound Road, Castleisland. Families live in one room dwellings, with leaking thatched roofs, no electric lighting, running water or sanitation.

The Pound Road site is a disgrace in any civilised community.

Some of the dwellings in Casltleisland have been condemned since the 1930s. Since then two attempts to re-house residents of Caslteisland have failed. At a minimum Michael Long considers a scheme of 35-45 houses is needed for the district.

Pound Road resident Mrs Chris Moriarty raised six children in a thatched cottage lacking any modern facilities.

It's very, very bad, the walls completely rotten in it.

The walls no longer keep the thatch in place. When weather is bad the roof leaks, soaking the contents of her home. Mrs Moriarty would be willing to pay a pound or 15 schillings a week for a suitable house. 

This episode of 'Newsbeat’ was broadcast on 17 January 1966.