A singing telegram company surprises some unsuspecting citizens in Dublin.

A French maid, a naughty nun, a naughty nurse and a caveman are just some of the characters available to surprise friends and family with a singing telegram at Hot Lips Co.

It's all a bit of an act. I mean we’re selling a product which is a singing telegram.

The first person to be surprised is Phil Brown who is visited by a French maid at work in a department store. 

Barbara Lee meets up with a naughty nun route to her next job. She says that it is all just a bit of fun before surprising Tom, a manager at a Tesco supermarket.

The thing is to embarrass him, not to arouse him.

Ken O’Farrell is the brains behind Hot Lips Co. He came up with the idea of singing and kissing telegrams while on an AnCO course.

The service is not just women surprising men as one young woman finds out when a caveman surprises her while she is at work. Another woman also gets a surprise visit from the caveman at her home.

This episode of TV GAGA was broadcast on 19 December 1985. The presenter is Barbara Lee.

'TV GAGA' ran for two series in 1985 and 1986. Aimed at an audience aged 18 to 30s each programme was presented with a live studio audience and contained a mixture of film reports, live music and studio discussion.