Nothing but the best for Gay Byrne as he arrives for The Late Late Show in a Rolls Royce.

Gay Byrne arrives at the RTÉ Studios for the opening of The Late Late Show in a Silver Spirit the latest model of Rolls Royce.

This is the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

Two weeks earlier Gay had arrived for the show in the Rolls Royce armoured car Sliabh na mBan. He is chauffeur driven in the latest Rolls Royce model which has just arrived in Ireland.

The Silver Spirit has handmade leather seats and carpets, walnut fascia front and door linings. Pretty much everything in the car is automated. From a button to open the petrol filler to the heating system. The car does around 12 or 13 miles to the gallon.

If you're worried about how much it does to the gallon, you probably wouldn't be buying a Rolls Royce to start with.

Features include a computer readout on distance travelled and time take. The car also has an automatic speed control facility. The windows are electrically operated and feature an automatic sensor and a child lock.

Gay Byrne jokes to the audience about them all rushing out to buy one at a cost of £69,500.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 22 November 1980. The presenter is Gay Byrne.