A drama series produced by a Waterford company follows the attempts of the Coffey brothers to find romance.

Lyre Productions have made a series of dramatic videos depicting life in rural Ireland in the 1950s.

The videos feature the Coffey brothers, bachelors who find that life is a rocky road to romance.

Filming is underway as the troublesome and troubled bachelors of the townland of Lyre in west Waterford continue their seemingly endless search for a wife.

Romantic Ireland is not dead and gone.

The production of the videos in Lyre has become a great excuse for a weekly session in an old farmhouse with a céile band.

The videos are very popular locally and sell well among the Irish overseas. The latest is called 'The Sheep Breeders Dance'.

The series is filmed at the old family home of the production director Billy Kirwan. He explains that as they released each of the videos, their success afforded them the ability to make the next. He is critical that there appears to be financial aid available for filmmakers coming into the country but none for homegrown talent.

The success of the videos of largely down to the authentic characters and their desire to find a wife.

If we get a wife, where are we going to put her?

This episode of ‘Nationwide’ was broadcast on 18 October 1995. The presenter is Michael Ryan and the reporter is Donna O’Sullivan.