What the public expect from their elected representatives is changing and how politicians seek votes is being transformed.

As the nature of politics in Ireland is changing, 'Radharc' examines the relationship between politics and religion, and the roles of politicians and priests in Irish society. 

Radharc examines the shift from politics as a vocation to politics as a career.

Tonight's programme is about politics as a vocation.

This report features Labour Party TD Jim Tully on the election trail campaigning for re-election in Dunboyne, County Meath. He pauses mid-speech to reflect as the church bells toll.

The roles of priests and politicians were closely linked in the minds of Irish people.

It is perhaps that people see a dedication in politicians that they expect from a priest. However, this image has been tarnished over the years and this programme asks if Irish people still look up to their politicians in this way?

Do they still find them in that spirit of self-sacrifice, of dedication, of patriotism? Or is idealism going out of political life?

The electorate give their views with one woman saying,

I suppose we get the politicians that we deserve.

Another man believes that politicians are just out for themselves and comments,

They’ll promise you this, they’ll promise you that, they’ll promise you everything. But they’ll do nothing about it.

The nature of politics is changing and the old style of politicians is fast disappearing.

'Radharc: Politics as a Career’ was broadcast on 10 October 1965. The presenter is Fr Joseph Dunn.

'Radharc', a series specialising in religious programming, was produced for RTÉ by Radharc, an independent production company run by Catholic priests and lay staff.

'Radharc' can be translated to English as 'view'. Founding director Fr. Joseph Dunn put together a team of priests, some of whom had received training in television production in London and New York in the late 1950s.

The 'Radharc' team made their first production in 1960 in Donegal, a short film about customs relating to St Brigid's Day. The first programme in the 'Radharc' series for RTE was broadcast on 12 January 1962.