The remaining tenants in Dublin's York Street Flats are unhappy their homes are to be demolished for redevelopment.

York Street Flats, off St Stephen’s Green, one of Dublin's most notorious tenement buildings is to be demolished. At one stage 97 of the homes were occupied, but now only a handful of residents remain in what is left of York Street Flats.

These residents have accepted their fate, but for some like Joan Timmins who has lived in the flats for 30 years, the move from the flats is tinged with sadness. Her sentiments are echoed by resident Nicholas Timmins

I don’t like leaving here at all whatsoever, even though I’m only going down 30 yards away.

Dublin City Council has sold part of the site to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for 12 million euro and it plans to use the money to build 66 social housing units.

The residents of York Street Flats have been given alternative accommodation nearby, but after 47 years living in York Street, Carol Maguire does not want to leave. She believes the flats are in good condition and should be refurbished,

There is absolutely no need for these flats to be demolished.

Dublin City Council housing manager Eileen Martin says refurbishing the flats is not an option as they have design deficiencies as well as health and safety issues.

Basically they’re substandard units and having had them investigated, the decision was reached that we needed to demolish and rebuild.

Demolition is to begin in October 2005 and the Council has promised that the former York Street residents can move back to the street when the new flats are built. However, the residents say they will never return.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 September 2005. The reporter is Orla O'Donnell.