The Department of Health issues a warning about contaminated wines from Germany, Italy and Austria.

The public have been warned to avoid some German, Italian and Austrian wines which have been found to be contaminated. Anyone found selling these wines will face prosecution. 

After contaminated Italian wine was found in Britain last Wednesday, tests have been carried out on to identify any further cases in Ireland.

The Department of Health and Agriculture has now issued a list of some of the best known Italian wines to be avoided by the public. These wines were said to contain anti-freeze by the British authorities.  There are also thirty eight lesser known German white wines on the list. In relation to Austrian wines, officials are now testing all wine in bonded warehouses in the country. So far, nine Austrian wines have been found to be contaminated by the artificial sweetener and anti-freeze agent diethylene glycol.

The Department of Health warned tonight that anyone found to be selling contaminated wine will be prosecuted.

An RTÉ News reports on 16 August 1985. The reporter is Michael Lally.