The nonprofit housing organisation Focus Ireland has announced plans to build 800 new homes to help tackle homelessness over the next five years.

The announcement was made today in Dublin's City Hall at the launch of Focus Ireland’s annual report. The homes will be funded through a combination of grants and monies raised through fundraising and will be constructed in partnership with housing agencies.

While the charity acknowledged that progress has been made in recent years to alleviate homelessness, Chief Executive Declan Jones emphasised that the solution for the long term is for government to increase the provision of social housing,  

For families and individuals so that they can live a decent life with integrity.

In recent years the number of people sleeping rough in Dublin has decreased, but the capital still remains the country's black spot for homelessness. 

Lord Mayor of Dublin Cllr Catherine Byrne told RTÉ News that local authorities and government need to take into account that many people from Dublin want to live in or near the communities where they have grown up 

People... want to remain rooted in their own communities, they want to have the links between their families and their extended families. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 August 2005. The reporter is Niamh Nolan.