New air carriers Ryanair, SEA and Manx Airlines internal and international routes for passengers in Ireland.

Smaller airline companies are now offering new routes from smaller airports beyond Dublin and Cork.

Ryanair has recently launched a service linking Waterford with London.

This is the new air service which has breathed new life into Waterford Airport.

The return fare from Waterford to London is £198 and offers business people and others in the south east a direct route, which previously was only available from Dublin or Cork Airports. The small plane has 15 seats and regularly fills 10 of these. The morning flight leaves Waterford at 8.30 am and returns 12 hours later.

It brings London city to within one and a half hours of Waterford.

The service is mainly targeted at businesses and it is seen as a potential lure for investment in the Waterford region. Christy Ryan, Managing Director of the newly established Ryanair says that after just two weeks in operation, the route is getting twice as many passengers than was originally hoped. Ryanair is confident the route will be a success and plans to introduce a second round trip ffrom 1 September as well as a Sunday service.

Once the route is properly established, Ryanair hopes to develop more services with other centres in Ireland. Christy Ryan believes the smaller Ryanair aircraft make the route economically viable and says this would not have been feasible for Aer Lingus and their larger aircraft.

Shannon Executive Aviation Ltd (SEA) is now offering a new 35 minute commuter service between Shannon and Dublin which flies twice a day. SEA is confident that the service will be a success despite previous attempts by Aer Arann. Brian Carpenter of SEA believes that the success of the service is down to the fact that it is Shannon based. The SEA flight leaves Shannon at 8.05 am each morning allowing business people to be in Dublin in time for the opening of businesses. It also offers a convenient connection to London.

Manx Airlines has a monopoly on the Dublin to Isle of Man route, offering a daily service during summer months and three flights a week during the rest of the year. The company has had great success in the last three years. While this appears to be a viable service, neither Ryanair nor SEA are interested in the route.

An RTÉ News reports on 8 August 1985. The reporters are Mary Butler, Michael Ryan and Michael Walsh.