Women evacuated from the Falls Road speak about the violent clashes with the British Army in the area.

Following rioting in the Falls Road area of Belfast, on the evening of 3 July 1970 the British Army imposed a curfew covering about 50 streets. It is understood the curfew will be lifted after searches for arms have been made, but it may be re-imposed.

Women and children are evacuated from the area in cars and on the backs of lorries. A woman says huge numbers of people are moving out of the area.

An 85 year old woman says she was in the thick of the rioting and describes how tear gas used by the British Army seeped into her kitchen. The situation reminds another woman of the Black and Tans in 1920 but,

This is worse, I've never known nothing like it in my life.

Another woman describes members of the British Army arriving at her house with a search warrant. They found 15 guns, two rifles, animation and explosives in her home. She left with her six children as soon as she could, but has no idea what has happened to her husband.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 July 1970. The reporter is John McAleese.