American evangelical preacher Billy Graham uses technology to send his message to Ireland from Sheffield in England.

A meeting held by US evangelist Billy Graham who was preaching in Sheffield became Ireland's first public satellite live-link to an audience at the National Stadium in Dublin on 27 June 1985.

The weird thing is the Billy Graham himself was not there, at least not in person. He was actually in a football ground in Sheffield.

While Billy Graham did not travel to Ireland, there was a live satellite link to his talk in Sheffield, England where he spoke about the importance of having Jesus in your life. His message was beamed into Dublin using the Ariane Communications Satellite which is located 22,000 miles above Nigeria. At the National Stadium, 1,500 were present where admission was free and images were relayed onto a giant screen.

'TV GAGA' shows a glimpse of the satellite broadcast in which Billy Graham pleads with people to allow Jesus into their lives.

He can come into that home and make it a heaven on earth.

Members of the audience in Sheffield come forward to allow Christ into their lives. Around two hundred members of the audience at the National Stadium also came forward.

Today is the day of salvation. Come now. There may be no tomorrow.

Former Dublin punk and Christian Mick McCaughan was one of the many who attended the broadcast at the National Stadium. They discuss Billy Graham’s brand of evangelism and how he embraces the power of modern media to spread his message. They discuss power, predestination, organised religion, spiritualism, individuality, punk and the suggestion that American evangelists are linked to the far-right.

An audience member describes Billy Graham and people like him as "the best salesmen in the world". He warns people of the dangers of being manipulated.

This episode of TV GAGA was broadcast on 28 June 1985. The presenter is Liam Mackey.