A photographic exhibition recalls when U2 played a concert on a roof in Sheriff Street, Dublin.

As U2 play the last of three concerts at Croke Park in Dublin, the people of Sheriff Street remember the night in 1982 when the band played for their community as part of a local festival.

The playground of Sheriff Street still reverberates with memories of twenty three years ago when Dublin's most famous foursome came and rocked the neighbourhood.

Sheriff Street resident John Walsh recalls the night when U2 played on the roof of the local community centre.

The show was captured on camera by American artist Christine Bond. To mark the return of U2 to their hometown, the photographs are now on display at the Crown Jewels Gallery in Dublin.

Some of those who were at the gig 23 years ago visited the exhibition to take a trip down memory lane.

Resident  Richard Kelly was there on the night and appears in the background of one of photographs.

Councillor Mick Rafferty was the MC for the event and describes it as "a great night" saying,

The energy was extraordinary.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 June 2005. The reporter is Peter Leonard.