Straight talking columnist with the Daily News Jimmy Breslin gives his thoughts on multicultural New York City.

Marking American Independence Day, the series of 'Tell Me' features Jimmy Breslin, the New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin, known for his abrasive opinions.

Jimmy Breslin speaks about matters of race in New York, which he says is no longer a white city. He is sceptical about the melting pot metaphor.

I don't think they every really melted here that well.

Jimmy Breslin loves how New York has developed into a multicultural, multilingual city. When he lived in Dalkey for five and a half months, he felt Ireland lacked diversity. He was surprised to find Italian restaurants in Ireland run by immigrants from northern Italy. In New York Italians come from the south of Italy.

Jimmy Breslin speaks about the treatment of migrants from the south of the United States of America and Puerto Rico in the 1940 and 1950s, and the resulting ghettoisation of New York City. He says these people are not politically represented and are completely powerless.

Whoever’s got the money has got the power, in any given enterprise, look for the money and you’ll see the power.

Jimmy Breslin is scathing of the American Dream describing it as,

The emptiest of all endeavours. 

'Tell Me' is a weekly series of interviews, all conducted by John O'Donoghue. The idea behind the series is to bring different pairs of people together to let them converse. Unusually, this episode filmed in New York on 20 May 1980 features a single guest.

This edition of ‘Tell Me’ was broadcast on 4 July 1980. The presenter is John O'Donoghue.