The Republic of Ireland looking for a result against the European champions Holland to reach the next stage of the World Cup..

After a scoreless draw against Egypt the Republic of Ireland are ready to face Holland. The Irish team was announced earlier today. This afternoon in advance of tonight's game against Holland the Irish players were relaxing at their hotel in Palermo while watching a video of last Saturday’s England Holland match which ended scoreless. Also on the viewing list has been reaction from home in the wake of the Republic of Ireland's match against Egypt,  

They’ve been inundated with telegrams and messages of goodwill from Ireland. 

The mood is quietly confident, and as goalkeeper Packie Bonner tells RTÉ News,  

We’re capable of going through on Thursday night, I can’t see any reason why we can’t. 

Ray Houghton believes Ireland have improved their game significantly and sees no reason why they would not win tonight,  

We’ve outplayed England and we’ve outplayed Egypt, so why can’t we outplay Holland? 

The mood in the Dutch camp is also confident, even though goalkeeper Hans Van Breukelen has some qualms about how things could turn out, given their performance against Egypt, 

We have to stick together, otherwise we are out after 3 caps. 

In spite of this no one in the Irish camp is underestimating the Dutch team and the challenge Ireland they will present at the Stadio La Favorita tonight,

For Irish team boss Jack looks like being his longest day. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 June 1990. The reporter is Colm Murray.