People in inner city Dublin need new homes and social problems in the area need to be addressed.

Dublin Corporation's Inner City Committee has approved proposals to rejuvenate 14 acres of land covering the areas of Seán MacDermott Street, Waterford Street, Gloucester Place, Summerhill and Gardiner Street. Local people have been moved out so that Dublin Corporation can build new houses. The area has been deserted street by street.

Many of the people living in inner city Dublin worked in Dublin Port but due to new technology they lost their traditional means of employment. 

Dublin Corporation’s plans to develop the area are widely known, but there is impatience among remaining tenants who wish to be re-housed without further delay. Many of them complain about leaking roofs and problems with rats.

At a local Housing Action and Resources Group one man says there is no reason why Dublin Corporation cannot build on the car park at Corporation Street.

They own the land themselves, they have the utensils they have the work forces.

He urges people to join forces and make demands for proper housing from the Corporation.

In addition, Councillor Tony Gregory, Chairman of the Corporation's Inner City Committee knows there are about 100 families living in flats needing to be re-housed. He calculates there is a need for 600 homes. As plans for a motorway have been quashed, there is more space for houses. 

Tony Gregory believes major problems facing the area is unemployment, the right education, training opportunities for the young people and there are few facilities for young people. The people have few advantages and are poor and weak, but they have the ability to take action as seen when they opposed Dublin Corporation's 1978 Development Plan. This action saw an additional 300 houses added to the plan.

Is bua suntasach é do phobal na cathrach.

Another man says that houses, clean streets and organised living spaces could rejuvenate the tradition means of employment and alleviate social problems affecting the area.

A 'Súil Thart’ report broadcast on 1 June 1980.