Providers of goods and services in Kilkenny work together to put on a fair to help boost business.

Fifty exhibitors from the Kilkenny area have assembled to demonstrate their goods and services at a two day trade fair in Kilkenny.

The Kilkenny Trade Fair was officially opened by Mayor Alderman Tom Crotty.

This year the fair was organised by the traders themselves. Exhibitor Jim Harding describes this new approach as a cooperative effort.

The fair’s motto reflects the array of homeware on display.

The place where beautiful homes begin.

Community information was also a feature of the show with groups like Kilkenny County Council represented providing practical advice on subjects like planning applications.

For most exhibitors, the bottom line was what they could sell and for the fair to act as a promotional tool for their products.  Exhibitor Jim Harding who is selling fireplaces believes the impact will be measured in sales over the coming months.

Television rentals are in big demand and Jim Harding of one TV Rental Company has taken a stand with the ambition of meeting as many people as possible. He can already see great interest in his businesses with new deals signed.

Aidan Ellis, Organiser of the Trade Fair, believes that the success of events like this could help communities to boost business and come out of recession.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 May 1985. The reporter is Ingrid Miley.