Republic of Ireland fans face a lot of travel to support their team during World Cup Finals in Italy.

It is estimated that six thousand Irish fans will travel to Italy for the World Cup Finals to support the boys in green..

Our advice to them is to be prepared for lots of travel.

Most Irish supporters will stay on the island of Sicily where the games against Holland and Egypt will take place. The games will be played in Palermo but many fans will be staying on distant parts of the island which will involve a three hour coach trip.

It’s the equivalent of being based in Cork for matches taking place in Dublin.

A more challenging trip will be getting to the match against England in Sardinia. Some of the package deals include a return flight between Palermo and Cagliari, a flight that takes about one hour. However, the majority of Irish fans will travel to Sardinia by ferry, a twelve hour trip one way.

Tour Operator Salvatore Mandola says that many fans will travel onboard high speed catamarans, a journey of around five hours each way. Fans will travel there and back on the same day.

Other Irish supporters will be based on the Italian mainland and will be required to take ferries back and forth to the islands to attend the matches. This is the equivalent of being based in Cork for a match in Liverpool or Manchester.

If the Republic of Ireland gets past the first phase of the competition and qualifies from their group it will mean playing matches in cities on the Italian mainland .

For the majority of Irish supporters,Italia ’90 will involve a journey of thousands of miles and millions of Lira.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 May 1990. The reporter is Tommie Gorman. This was the third in a series of reports from Italy ahead of the World Cup Finals.