Paul Hill takes part in a parachute jump to raise funds for a 1916 commemoration festival.

Paul Hill, one of the Guildford Four, took part in the charity jump to raise funds for a commemorative event called 'Reclaim The Spirit of 1916 Festival'. The festival is an attempt to renew public interest in the Easter Rising and to highlight that next year marks the 75th anniversary of the rebellion.

Paul Hill and the others taking part were undeterred by the fact that the jump was taking place on Friday the 13th.

As part of the commemoration festival, there will be a public debate on a united Ireland in the Mansion House, a pageant through the streets of Dublin.

A two week Celtic art exhibition at the Ilac Centre will curated by artist Robert Ballagh who is hopeful that there will be a commemorative stamp issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

The government has already announced a £1 million fund for the restoration of the General Post Office (GPO) as part of the commemorations.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 April 1990. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.