What is it like to only have a birthday once every four years?

For individuals born on the 29 February their actual birthday can only be celebrated once every four years.

Kevin McCleery was born in 1992, is 16 years old but is celebrating his 4th Birthday.  RTÉ met Kevin on his first, second and third birthdays in 1996, 2000 and 2004.

Now in fifth year at school and rugby mad Kevin McCleery plays with the Boyne Club in Drogheda and wants to pursue his passion for sport when he leaves school.

One of Kevin’s earliest memories is making his television debut in 1996 on his first birthday at the age of four. Twelve years on, he now has plans for the future and would like to be playing professional rugby.

His official fourth birthday was marked by his family with a surprise party at a Drogheda Hotel.

He may officially be only four but in his own words he’s really sixteen.

This episode of 'Nationwide’ was broadcast on 29 February 2008. The reporter is Gareth O’Connor.