For some people their birthday only comes around once every four years.

For babies born on 29 February it means only having a birthday every four years when it is a leap year.

Maria Ellen Cunnigham was born in Galway in 2000 and celebrates her first birthday today.

Leanne Bryan from Straffan in County Kildare was born in 1996, is eight years old but is celebrating her second birthday.

Kevin McCleery from Drogheda was born on leap day in 1992. He is now twelve years old but is only celebrating his third real birthday. RTÉ News has followed Kevin through the years and witnessed how he has grown over time. He is a big sports fan and plays Gaelic, golf, soccer and rugby.

When we first met him in 1996, he was celebrating his first official birthday.

At the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, a new born leap year baby has arrived and he will benefit from a government decision to give one hundred euro to each baby born today.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 February 2004. The reporter is Paul O’Flynn.