Rubbish which householders have painstakingly separated for recycling is ending up in landfill.

Householders in Dublin have reacted angrily to news that up to forty percent of recyclable material collected by the Kerbside recycling company is going to dumps because there is no market for it. 

Mary McGrane feels she has wasted her time separating her rubbish in the name of a cleaner environment. She might as well have put it all into her black wheelie bin,

What's the point of recycling if it’s in the dump?

Kerbside is a recycling company which was set up in 1991 by Dublin’s local authorities and private industry. A couple of years ago it had to stop taking newspaper because it could not find a market for it. Plastic bottles, cartons and cardboard have now been added to the list.

The cost of collection has increased, and residents like Tom O’Donoghue are completely fed up with the unreliable collection service,

I’ve given up putting it out, it’s a waste of time.

Glass bottles and cans however are still being successfully recycled by Rehab.

In spite of all of this, the local authorities do not want householders to stop separating their rubbish. A bigger and better system is apparently in the pipeline. Operated by a new consortium with global recycling contacts, it will guarantee that ninety per cent of what is collected will be recycled.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 February 2000. The reporter is Carol Coleman.