Crumbling Wexford coastline leaves residents living on a cliff edge and in danger of losing their homes.

Around Ballyconnigar in County Wexford, whole fields and roads have disappeared because of coastal erosion. Residents are living dangerously close to the edge and some of them are resigned to the fact that their homes will eventually topple over the cliff.

Unless Wexford County Council step in with assistance, Joe Keating accepts that eventually his house will fall into the sea.

Councillor John Quirke is campaigning on behalf of the Ballyconnigar residents, but says the authorities are reluctant to get involved. Wexford County Council say dealing with coastal erosion is a Board of Works responsibility.

A local committee has been formed in Ballconnigar to try and get action. There is particular concern about Dick Whelan's home that is just back from a particularly high and dangerous part of the cliffs.

This house is doomed.

One man estimates about thirty acres of land have been lost to erosion during his lifetime and high tides are the main cause.

We don't count ourselves safe here until after St Patrick’s.

Wexford County Council has successfully tackled the issue of coastal erosion in areas such as New Ross. However one Ballyconnigar resident thinks it may be too late to save their houses as work should have begun on tackling coastal erosion in the 1930s.

A 'Newsround' report broadcast on 16 January 1975. The reporter is Seán Duignan.