Art installation promotes the playing of table tennis as a means to explore communism.

Artists Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt have placed a concrete table tennis table on O'Connell Street as part of the show ‘Communism’ at the Project. The show invites ten artists to create pieces inspired by the term communism. Curator Grant Watson says communism can often have negative connotations so he hopes the show will,

Instigate a few sort of ambitious and imaginative responses to this term, to maybe try to reanimate it.

In their response to the term communism, artists Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt have placed a table-tennis table in the centre of O’Connell Street. This installation piece 'Tischtennistisch' encourages Dubliners to play ping pong, and in the process consider the meaning of communism.

The artists were inspired by their time spent living in Berlin, where such tables are commonplace. Declan Clarke says they aim to, 

Encourage people to come together and congregate in the city and do things they normally wouldn’t do and enjoy themselves and have fun.

Paul McDevitt adds they want the public space to be used differently.

Table tennis matches and events will take place on Saturdays until the end of February 2005 and bats are available from the nearby Dublin Tourist Information Centre. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 January 2005. The reporter is Orla O’Donnell.