Himself a magazine aimed at young men fails to appeal to the Irish male.

'Himself' magazine failed to gain a foothold in the Irish magazine market and after just two years, the publication has ceased production. 

It was to be Ireland's answer to the popular UK magazines FHM, Loaded and GQ.

The publication was not able to survive with monthly sales figures of around ten thousand. 

Michael Cullen from Marketing Magazine says that 'Himself' took an intellectual approach to begin with which many potential readers found boring.The magazine tried to be all things to all men and failed to identify its target market.

Journalist Hugh Linehan believes that when it comes to publishing the Irish male is a different animal to their UK counterpart but nobody has figured out which animal. 

'Himself' is just one of many Irish magazines launched to the market in recent years hoping to capture the spending power of the Celtic Tiger. 

Himself failed because Irish males simply weren't interested enough to buy the magazine leaving the more established UK titles with unrivalled access to the Irish market.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 January 2000. The reporter is Annabel Egan.