The state of marriage in Ireland with all party consensus that there should be another divorce referendum.

On average, fifteen thousand couples marry every year in Ireland. However, in a twelve month period, around four thousand people applied to the courts for barring orders and another thousand couples got judicial separations.

It would suggest that one marriage in three is destined to get into very serious trouble.

In 1986, a referendum on the introduction of divorce in Ireland was rejected by 63.48% of the electorate.  'Davis' looks at what has changed since then. 

Jack Jones from the Market Research Bureau of Ireland (MRBI) provides a background to the last divorce referendum and the wording of the proposed referendum.

If the legislators want this referendum carried, they've got to meet the wishes of the electorate.

Fianna Fáil TD Eoin Ryan believes that many unanswered questions of the last referendum have since been addressed. He wants the referendum to be kept simple and focus on the question of remarriage.

Do you believe that people have the right to remarry?

This episode of 'Davis' was broadcast on 11 January 1995. The presenter is Derek Davis.

'Davis' was a late night discussion programme on serious issues affecting Irish society presented by Derek Davis. The format involved a panel of people with differing views on one subject. The first episode aired on 14 September 1994.