Billy Coleman reflects on fifty eight years of service as a milkman in Cork.

Billy Coleman started working a milk round as a school boy aged eight helping the former owner of Ballinahina Dairies, now owned by Kerry Co-op, on the northside of Cork city.

Billy is regarded as the dairy's top roundsman.

It's a six day week with two deliveries a day. Even after his wedding night, Billy Coleman had to deliver the milk the next morning. 

As well as doing the rounds, he is a salesman and is always on the lookout for new customers. 

In the last fifty eight years, he has witnessed many changes in the dairy. From unpasteurised milk in cans to glass and then plastic bottles and milk cartons. Transport has also changed from the horse and float to the lorry. 

At Christmas over the years customers would ply him with festive drinks. Different times when the horse would do all the driving, which is something that a lorry can not do. 

Now that Billy Coelman has come to the end of his career, he plans on having a lie in until 9.00 am.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 October 1984. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.