The Church of the Redeemer in Dundalk is designed and built to connect a priest to his congregation.

Vatican II brought with it new criteria for building churches to reflect a new relationship between priests and the congregation. The Church of the Redeemer in Dundalk was designed to carry out all the recommendations of Vatican II with many Irish artists working on the project. 

Radharc traces every step of the construction from the first plans to the blessing of the completed building.

This excerpt from the programme shows the site in Dundalk selected for the construction of the church, the construction of the building and the artists at work on the interiors. 

The new church had to be modern in style.

The first challenge for architect Frank Corr was to construct a building large enough to hold a congregation of over a thousand people. With a renewed emphasis on the participation of the congregation must be reflected in the design and layout. 

With the plans approved, work began on the construction of the oval shaped church. Work on the interior can now get underway by a carefully selected group of artists. The most important commission was the design of the sanctuary which would be built in granite by artist Ray Carroll.

'Radharc: A Church is Built' was broadcast on 19 October 1969.