Anticipation at Dublin Airport waiting for the Papal Father to disembark from Aer Lingus plane the Saint Patrick.

Thousands wait patiently in the hope of catching the first sight of Pope John Paul II on Irish soil.

They've seen him in pictures, they've seen him on television, they want to see him in the flesh.

RTÉ Radio and Television provided comprehensive coverage of the visit of Pope John Paul ll to Ireland from 29 September to 1 October 1979.

Captain Thomas McKeown, the chief training captain with Aer Lingus, was the captain on board the flight. 

As the plane lands, Cardinal Ó Fiaich and the Dr Alibrandi the Papal Nuncio go on board to welcome the Pope to Ireland. Pope John Paul II finally appears at the door of the plane to greet those waiting. 

'Papal Visit to Ireland' was broadcast live on 29 September 1979. The commentators are John Bowman and Brian Farrell.