Jack Charlton gives his reasons for the substitution of Liam Brady against West Germany.

Republic of Ireland football manager Jack Charlton meets with young sports people in Southill, Limerick, the day after his team drew 1-1 against West Germany in a friendly international at Lansdowne Road.

During the match Jack Charlton controversially substituted 71 times capped Liam Brady after 35 minutes. A few hours later, Liam Brady announced his decision to quit international football.

In hindsight, Jack Charlton believes he should have taken Liam Brady off sooner,

We were losing control of the game at that time and I had to do something about it.

Although his decision to take Liam Brady off has been criticised by people such as John GIles, Jack Charlton says it had to be done.

If I’d left it any longer I would have put the game at risk.

Jack Charlton felt he owed the spectators at Lansdowne Road and those watching on television a good result,

We were disintegrating in midfield at that time and I had to do something about it.

He is sorry that Liam Brady has since decided to quit international football, although he feels he should have waited for a couple of days before making the announcement.

I’m sorry that Liam’s decided not to come with us, but it’s not his decision, if I want him again, I’ll ask him.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 September 1989. The reporter is Michael Lally.