Plans for the highest building in Ireland on a site near George's Quay in Dublin face opposition.

The Cosgrave Property Group already has permission to construct a 66 metre office block on a site near George's Quay in Dublin. They have since been given the go ahead to build a residential and commercial skyscraper on the site which at almost 80 metres would be higher than Liberty Hall.

Once constructed, the 19 storey high block would be the tallest building in the country.

Local residents are appealing the decision to An Bord Pleanála and Mick Doyle believes,

The proposed development is so big it is going to completely overshadow the community.

He is unhappy the plan does not offer employment opportunities for the existing community.

Dublin City architect Jim Barrett believes the second planning proposal is better for the city as it contains residential areas which were not part of the original scheme.

I think Dublin will benefit from this to a greater extent that than it would from the other one which the developer is entitled to build.

Eight groups are appealing Dublin Corporation's decision, to grant planning permission including local residents and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority who says the scheme does not fit in with their plans for the area.

Five other groups are also objecting to the development and it is one of An Bord Pleanála biggest appeals.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 August 1999. The reporter is Orla O'Donnell.