The people have their say about life under a Fianna Fáil government.

The Fianna Fáil government had been in power since July 1977 but how exactly were they performing?

A poor economic climate, industrial problems and strikes, petrol shortages and inflation are all giving way to uncertainty in the economy. Do the people blame the Fianna Fáli? Would another government have done a better job?

On the streets of Dublin members of the public offer their views. While the government have their critics, people are unsure if any alternative could do a better job at running the country.

Very uninspiring to say the least.

They're still fighting the civil war. Until you get rid of all that crowd, you're going to have not country.

I think they're trying their best.

They've done marvellous under the circumstances.

I think they received a mandate from the people to govern the country and I don't think they're doing it.

I'd like them to take a firmer stand with unions.

They're certainly not performing the way I would have hoped they would have performed.

They haven't lived up to any promises.

The last one was just as bad so it doesn't really matter who's in.

'Frontline' broadcast on 27 July 1979. The reporter is Michael Ryan.