After 72 days rowing alone across the Atlantic Tom McClean says he was chuffed to see the Irish coast.

Tom McClean tells RTÉ News about rowing solo from St John's Newfoundland to Blacksod Bay in Mayo. 

The first three weeks were the most challenging as it took time to get used to being all alone at sea. As the journey went on Tom McClean says got used to the loneliness but admitted to being "chuffed"  at the sight of the Irish coast. 

Tom McLean was the first oarsman to make the solo Atlantic crossing west to east on board his twenty foot Yorkshire dory, Super Silver.  Three years earlier, Captain John Ridgeway and Sergeant Chay Blyth made the same journey over a period of 92 days. All three men were ex military Ridgeway and Blyth had been members of the same regiment as McClean.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 July 1969. The reporter is Kevin Healy.