A long awaited fifty metre swimming pool is finally to be built in Limerick.

The announcement was made by Minister for Sport Jim McDaid. The government will provide £5.9 million towards the cost of the new fifty metre pool which is part of a new £20 million sports facility at the University of Limerick. 

The Olympic size pool will be close to the National Coaching and Training Centre (NCTC) who will work closely with Swim Ireland to develop training and career programmes for Ireland's Olympic hopefuls. 

Minister Jim McDaid described the launch as,

A historic day for Irish sport.

Pat Duffy, Director of the NCTC, is hopeful that by 2008, Irish swimmers will be well and truly on the map as a result of the new facility. 

The pool is designed to attract national and international competitions.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 July 1999. The reporter is Cathy Halloran.