As Dublin Zoo celebrates a first ever Children's Week, the future funding of the zoo is in question.

Designed to encourage parents and children to visit Childen's Week at Dublin Zoo marks the beginning of the school holidays. The admission price has been dropped to one pound for the week, which will also include treasure hunts, competitions and daily entertainment. 

The initiative comes at a time of ongoing criticism of the facilities at Dublin Zoo. A recent zoo check report found that space was cramped resulting in sick or bored animals.  Dublin Zoo authorities say that they are aware of the problems and are committed to making improvements. They say that facilities meet EEC standards and there is no question of any of the animals suffering. 

Peter Wilson, Director of Dublin Zoo, the zoo has already made the government aware of the deficiencies and what is needed is more finance. Peter Wilson is looking for state support to help the zoo improve conditions for the animals. 

We know this zoo is deficient in a number of aspects. 

It costs two million pounds a year to run Dublin Zoo. The government recently appointed a committee to examine activities at Dublin Zoo and how it is funded now and might be in the future.

State funding was the furthest thing from the mind of children on a visit to the zoo as part of a summer project who got to meet Sonny the chimpanzee. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 July 1989. The reporter is Cathy Halloran.