An art exhibition in Dublin looks to tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Experts at a conference in Dublin say there are not enough resources to deal with mental illness in Ireland. The stigma around the illness prevents people from lobbying for services. An exhibition at the OPW in St Stephen's Green aims to fight that stigma through art.

Professor Kevin Malone says that resources and investment are required to help people with mental illness. However, he acknowledges that the shame around mental illness in Ireland means that people are reluctant to talk about it. 

People go underground. The are very ashamed and embarrassed about it.

The exhibition hopes to fight prejudice against people suffering from psychiatric disorders by showcasing their art. 

Speaking at the launch of the exhibition, Eithne Boyan, Managing Director of Lundbeck (Ireland) Ltd, explains that the exhibition hopes to challenge perceptions of mental health.

We hope to destigmatise mental health disorders.

Fifty two paintings were selected out of five hundred submitted from psychiatric wards and galleries in over twenty countries. Just two Irish artists were selected for the exhibition. One of those James Sage describes art as a way for him to communicate. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 June 2004. The reporter is Anna Murphy.