Justin O'Mahony busks in the laneway into the Dandelion Market at Gaiety Green in Dublin.

The Dandelion Market Dublin moved to Gaiety Green next to Saint Stephen’s Green in 1973 where it remained until the development of the Saint Stephen’s Green shopping centre got under way.

Traditional musician Justin O'Mahony plays his own composition on the tin whistle, a reel entitled `Oíche sa mBridewell' in the lane on the way into the Dandelion Market. The song’s title can be translated as ‘A Night in the Bridewell Garda Station’. The melody came to him one night when he was held in the Bridewell and had nothing else to do but come up with a tune.

This episode of ‘Aisling Gheal’ was broadcast on 26 May 1979.

Justin O’Mahony died a few months after the filming of this footage.

Gaiety Green